Friday, January 13, 2012

Making Micro-Giving Fun: Snoball, Inc. via Nonprofit Technology News

The goal of Snoball, a new online fundraising platform, is to make giving fun and easy. Snoball’s founders discovered that a significant portion of all US online giving occurred in the three weeks prior to Christmas.
They decided to change that, so they set about finding a way to make giving a part of every day life. The result was Snoball. With Snoball, both individuals and corporations can set up a Snoball account to help their favorite charity. With over 1.6 million verified charities in its database, Snoball makes it simple for donors to select the charity they want to sponsor plus, Snoball believes that every donation helps and the idea is to build momentum, so there is minimum donation amount.

By Jennifer Flaten

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  1. i totally agree that it's easy!
    i learned about it a few weeks ago, but i already love it :)