Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snoball via Austin iLab

When something snowballs, it grows exponentially. That tiny ball of flakes starts rolling and soon enough it’s gigantic. Now take away the “W” and you’ve got Snoball – an Austin start-up that functions on the same principle.

Snoball is a platform for giving that is oriented towards the millennial generation. Predicated on the idea that donations can be fun, easy and social, Snoball allows people to define how they charitably give, as well as when and where they want to donate. Think your football team will win the Super Bowl? Give a dollar to your favorite charity if you’re right. Motivating yourself to clean your house more often? Donate a dollar to your church if you reach that objective.

Jeremy Kelley, one of the founders and self-professed nerds at Snoball, was kind enough to sit down with the Austin iLab this week. Listen in as we chat with Jeremy about the amazing story that inspired Snoball, as well as where this start-up is rolling to next.

Listen to the full podcast on Austin iLab
By Stuart Frazier

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