Friday, April 6, 2012

Snoball, MLB, and Not For Sale, a great partnership

It was only a short time ago that we were approached by Not For Sale and they brought us in on their project to transform Free2Play into a Facebook app. We were more than happy to partner with them. After weeks of collaboration we are very happy to unveil the fruits of out labor.

Before we talk about us, let's educate you about them. Not For Sale is a great organization that helps fight modern day slavery. They help raise awareness by partnering with musicians and athletes. With the start of baseball season they totally revamped their Free2Play campaign and we worked long and hard to create the Free2Play Facebook app. The app is a fun way to follow your favorite MLB team or athlete. When they do well a donation is made to Not For Sale. There are even several players that have joined in to put up their own money for this great cause. They are:

  • Jeremy Affeldt, SF Giants 
  • Brandon Belt, SF Giants 
  • Blake Hawksworth, LA Dodgers 
  • Josh Lindblom, LA Dodgers 
  • Stephen Drew, AZ Diamondbacks 
  • Wade Miley, AZ Diamondbacks 
  • Paul Goldschmidt, AZ Diamondbacks 
  • Ian Kennedy, AZ Diamondbacks 
  • Jake Brigham, TX Rangers 
  • Matt Holliday, SL Cardinals 
  • Jaime Garcia, SL Cardinals 
  • Micah Owings, SD Padres 
  • Nick Hundley, SD Padres 
  • Brian Fuentes, OAK Athletics 
  • Cliff Pennington, OAK Athletics 
  • Wes Timmons, OAK Athletics 
  • Brian Roberts, BAL Orioles  
CNN did a great job at covering this movement. You can read about here, or just watch the video below.

This is pretty big news. This is the first Facebook application that we have made for someone else, and we hope to do a lot more in the future. Snoball wants to touch every aspect of giving, and most of all we want to make it easier for you to integrate it into your everyday life. Helping others should be a fun and enjoyable experience, and we want to facilitate that. Check out the app and give us feedback. Love it or hate it, we want to know.

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