Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snoball and Foursquare

The Snoball platform has recently integrated with Foursquare.  Using the connected Snoball app users can donate - and share their donation with friends - to selected nonprofits at check-ins.  This creates a number of exciting new opportunities for nonprofits.

The internet is becoming more and more about discovery.  Consider Pinterest... the best pins are most often the ones discovered, stumbled upon while browsing.  Or Zite, the personalized magazine for iPads and mobile devices, which learns user preferences and curates articles for each individual user.

Now that Snoball is inside of Foursquare, people have the ability to discover new ways to donate.  For example, every time I check-in at a gym I can donate $1 to LIVESTRONG.  Or when I check-in at a coffee shop I can donate $1 to charity: water.  Currently, Snoball allows donors nationwide to choose and give to one of five nonprofits within Foursquare.  The limited number of nonprofits to which one can donate allows for a quick donation choice for the user and the opportunity for forward thinking nonprofits to be promoted (and gain donations).

Contextualized Giving
Foursquare users are social by nature.  Along with being mobile and eager to share, they utilize the latest in technology.  By providing Foursquare users the opportunity to give back in a way that is integrated with their lifestyle, Snoball is changing the way nonprofits are viewed.  Far from advertising, this is the art of discovery at its finest - discovery for them and discovery for you.

New Donors
This allows nonprofits to discover a new niche - a new group of young, savvy, and socially connected individuals that the nonprofit might never have the ability to reach on their own.  And because Foursquare uses are early adapters by nature and are eager to share their social choices, the Snoball app within Foursquare provides the opportunity for nonprofits to utilize social media, generate income, and gain new supporters without a huge investment.

Making It Happen
There are so many exciting possibilities for charities in the Foursquare/Snoball app.  Nonprofits can leverage partnerships with businesses and develop even more exciting options at check-ins.  New fundraising campaigns can be developed, ones that move beyond a simple landing page and enter the realm of game-changing technology.   If you are ready to move forward, become one of the five preferred nonprofits, and connect with a new generation of givers, contact Snoball at or at 512.538.2281

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